“After You Read This Manual Freedom Will Not Be Far Away”

It is painful for me to see for over 22 years, a great multitude of Americans are not aware of the Rights bestowed upon them. The Constitution is a gift that respects inalienable God-given rights of the American people. This manual is definitely the only manual on the planet that shall help the people regain their true freedom.

Protect yourself by any means possible. Learn the secrets the court does not want you to know about.
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Criminal court is a scary place but if you read and study this powerful manual, you can become a free, natural person.
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If you are sick and tired of the IRS and the government de facto taking your money, purchase a copy of this powerful manual and see how easy it is to deal with the them.
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A Few Words About the Manual

This manual is the most powerful eye opening Manual on the planet that will stop the gentrification of the poor and middle class communities in America forever. You can not put a price on your freedom and this manual is the only manual of its kind that will give people a real sense of value after their purchase. This powerful manual is written by:

The Real King Charles


For the record, this is the most Powerful Manual on the planet, and it will teach you, the reader, the correct way to enter into any courtroom and never lose your Rights, Money, Freedom, Property or Life.

Whether you choose to use an Attorney to defend you, or if you try to represent yourself, you will be putting your Rights, Money, Freedom, Property and Life in jeopardy. This Powerful Manual is written to teach the readers how to correctly enter into any courtroom, and never lose protecting yourself.

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The Reasons That You Should Buy This Manual.

The author estimates that 98.5% of the American population acknowledges the
government de facto as being the true and lawful government, which is far from
the truth. The government de facto is not the true and lawful government, and
the American people are not mandated to be citizens of the government de
facto. The unlawful government de facto willfully neglected to inform the
American people that they have a choice of two governments, that coexist, in
this great country of ours. Why is the government de facto hiding this
information from the American people?

The Only Way Out

The author of this Powerful Manual is a government de jure American
National, acting with full, unimpaired rights and standing in the law. The author
is protected by The Constitution of the United States of America of 1787 in its
full capacity and may be the only real creditor in every courtroom that he
enters. If you are a government de facto citizen, you are a debtor with no
power. However, if you choose to become a government de jure American
National, you will be protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.
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